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Jill McCarthy

Star Director

  Why hello! Thanks for stopping by.  You are in the right place if you love SCENTSY, so I’ll share just a little so you can truly understand why I am so excited.    My name is Jill and I am a Star Director for Scentsy. I love sharing something people will love and being involved with a company that I am completely excited about EVERY DAY.  Full time I work as a Compliance Director and although I love my job, Scentsy is way for me to run a business how I want. Giving people a chance to do what I am doing is so much fun for me.  I love the idea of people learning how to run their own business with very low start up costs and handling things in a way that works for them.   I have tried other great direct sales companies in the past, but they never really fit my personality. I avoided talking about them and althought I loved the prodcuts, I was completey uncomfortable talking about them.  That is not the case with Scentsy. I am completely passionate about it. Scentsy is a product that completely fits my personality and that I enjoy telling everyone about it.  My entire family tell everyone about Scentsy. We wear Scentsy, we talk Scentsy. Its a safe, kid and pet friendly product with company ethics like none other.   During a time when my relationship was not the strongest, I was looking for something I could focus on that would keep my mind off things. I work for my spouse, so I began looking at Direct Sales companies with a dream of having something that was my own.  I had signed up for other companies and failed. The products were used but everything fell to the waste side.    That all changed when I found Scentsy.  One of my friends had her Scentsy business posted on her facebook. I went to her site ordered a plug in just out of curiousity.   2 days later, I signed up as a consultant.  I kept my new business pretty much hush hush for a couple weeks in fear my familiy and friends would think, "oh on, she is doing another Direct Sales Company. "  I started warming some wax in my office and once people started saying, "What is that smell?" ( I was warming Pumpkin Roll) It was all over from there.    I have been going full strength ever since.  Everyone has a dream. Mine has not been to stay at home, or extra money for bills. My Dream has always been to have my very own business and have the ability to train others to step out of their comfort zone and be the best they can be. Scentsy has finally given me the ability to do what I love, how I want to do it. It is just amazing!!   The best way to get all your favorite warmers, scents and of course earn money is to join my team. Click Here to learn about Scentsy yourself. I have no regrets. I love it just as much as the first day I smelled my first scent and I know you will too. Earn those extra checks in the mail and run your business how you have always wanted. Watch your dreams and the dreams of others come true. Sign up for my Newsletter today and never miss a minute of Scentsy!!   Web: Cell: 954.304.4486 Email:            

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